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I'm clean cut, in relatively good shape, and STD free. I am in a relationship however, so hos I'm hoping to meet a mature gentleman who's rather dominant and likes the idea of corrupting a straight guy. Seeking a Dom top to play with. Skilled at giving head and working it, love to get kinky and try new fetishes as much as possible. Very friendly and open minded. Tend to be submissive but love to serve and please. Guys that want to have fun and know how to.

Vanilla is great for ice cream not sex. I am a young guy new to the hookup scene and I I just want a couple of hookups and someone to cuddle with and take charge in bed. I like hot showers and being pounded and cock play. Hot Asian guys and bearded guys or straight looking guys. I'm a single guy looking for a ltr. I'm professionally employed. Own my own place. Looking for some who's financially stable.

Dinners,gym,concerts and travelling are some of the things I like doing. Financially stable and professionally employed. Going to the gym. Quiet nights and want someone to be in love with. Looking for a dominant man who can take control and make me his sissy bitch. Very obidient and open minded.

Strong, dominant, verbal and rough. Like to cuddle up under a blanket while watching a movie, and wake up in each others arms ;-. I am open to lots of things just looking to have fun I'm new to the abbotsford area and would lie to meet some sexy tops and have a good time! Straight tops who are looking for no strings aymatched fun and who are serious! I'll try to respond but i will be busy either with going to work Quick Search. Sort by: Results per page: Surrey Second city: Winnipeg Travel city: I think my kids miss that. What is wrong with being a wife?

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Many of us have not dealt with our own issues about independence and solitude. Companionship and Intimacy. This is simply the human side of being human: V had a different take on the challenges. He felt that the majority of online dating was too time consuming. Annie says that women can get better at defining what they want from the experience and then write a profile that expresses that. I stopped and then went back and stopped again.

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I finally improved my profile, changed my strategy and read a lot of books to try and understand what I could improve and at some point I became good at it and started getting what I wanted. It is very discouraging to put time and effort into someone and then have them just disappear. Which led to my next question: Should people respond every time, even to express that they are not interested, when they receive a message on an online dating site?

Tips from Ask me. Is it considered poor etiquette to not respond to messages that a guy obviously put some thought into, if I am not interested in meeting him? Or should I just ignore? In real life, the results were mixed. Some thought you should respond while others thought it was a waste of time. Mike agrees. Annie points out that men and women think differently. She embraced the male way of approaching this. So I decided to embrace that. It was really clear. Mike said he though about 5 a day maybe. Jo thought that men probably received even more than women.

Susan agreed although she said that 3 or 4 messages a day was more her average. For me, the system was no, no, no, no, delete, delete, delete and then just deal with the ones that had a chance. It is a bit like a job interview. So I really approach it in that way. It was the only way I could manage. If you are curious about the experiment you can read more here: I wondered if men were getting mixed messages about how to proceed in this new online world. Is it possible that men feel like their hands are tied because they are not sure what the proper thing is to do.

I found that men are really confused with the lead and how to take it. I see that you enjoy red wine. Are you a Pinot Noir type of lady? So I found the guy who can find the in between place is the one who is going to win that game because they are so rare and women will respond to being listened to.

One thing that was interesting about how men and women respond to online dating is the way that they internalize the events that happen. All the women thought that they had miss-stepped in some way. Except for Annie.


She said that women need to ask themselves, did they really want to see that guy again. Most of the time the answer was no. From a study done by Michigan State University, women removed 8. While people are honest about their age, their photographs were not as recent as they led one to believe. He said it was a very attractive picture of a woman but in looking at the other pictures it was obviously taken years before. If online dating is so fraught with dishonestly and difficulty then what would be a better way to meet potential partners? Everyone agreed that meeting during regular daily activities would be a much better way to meet people.

Annie thought meeting on a holiday was best because we are more open to possibilities when we are on holidays. Jo agreed.

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I asked them if they would comfortable if a man walked up to them in their daily lives and introduced himself. They all agreed that a man could come up to them and introduce himself. I wonder how that would play out in real life. Would they still be as happy if a stranger came up and started talking to them?

I wonder. Some are more analytical e. Smile because I always should remember, while we may not be able to control different situations in our lives, we can control the way we respond to them. Another observation I made about the differences between men and woman was how they responded to abuse online.

The men were all genuinely surprised when I told them that one in five messages is abusive. When I told them the names I had been called or things that had been said to me, they were shocked.

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They had no idea that women had to put up with that. Women tend to think everything is about how they look but Rob says it is more about who they say they are. He felt that most men read the entire profile and made their decision based on that. The disconnect seems to be that online we treat people differently then if we know them personally.

People will leave people hanging for example. Rob said that he has left people hanging. Therefore, never disappear without saying goodbye. I asked them how long it takes for a woman or a man to know that they are attracted to a person. Annie and Jo both thought that a couple of dates were necessary to know if they were interested or not. Rob thought that most men knew right away if they were interested. Mike said he knows as soon as they open their mouth. V said he always knew as soon as he met them face to face and he thought women also instantly knew.

We need to be authentic, of course, but also wise on a marketing level. We want to put just enough for people to get excited with us. So the profile that did very well for me had at the top ME: Sometimes we complain that guys are not really that interesting but we have to look at what we have given them to talk about because they pick from our profiles so are we giving them something they can pick. I made a point of having a shorter profile because it not about having an extensive explanation about who I am — they will find out.

It is about putting enough things for them to get the idea of the type of person I am, the type of person I am looking for and all fun things. He is a great guy and you are talking just to him.