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I'm a nice boy, looking to have and to make good moments, in bed or outside Sao Paulo, Brazil Age:. Sorry, no results found!

Click here to reset your search filters. Last Online: My Hashtags:. Map Me. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Latino Macho Meat For You. Jordan Latino. Henry Walker. Joseph Santos. Massoterapeuta Gato e Safado.

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Club Sauna. Branch of business: March Gay friendly hotels in Rio de Janeiro. Show map Escorts of heaven I love gay for pay and if you're good looking this place is even better sure the escorts hover over the older guys who will pay top reais but if you want a good hot time and quickie you could bargain a bit.

Jan it's Peak season especially on Tuesdays were the rooms are free. You'll find yourself waiting for an hour to two hours just to have a room. And the guys are less likely to come down on price. I had this super nice and porn vid hot escort that attempted to get a bit more to cum, I declined but he was so horny he busted his nut all over my chest anyway.

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It was awesome. The tough thing are the regulars, they hog up the escorts time.

These escorts could be smarter businessmen if they knew the first timers are eager to jump in. Large variety, good deals! I'm in the same boat as the guy who posted in November young, pretty fit, decent looking, crap luck at clubs and bars meeting guys. If you love gay-for-pay, straight bait, macho guys, this is the place to go!

I think there were a few delicate guys, but very rare. The ratio of escorts to clients far favors the clients. It seems like there are a lot of regulars there too. Met a few tourists, one naively attempted to nab a guy leagues hotter than him without paying.

Don't do that. No money, no love is the name of the game at this place! I was thinking I would be propositioned a bit more here than my previous experience, but as luck would have it, it wasn't the case.

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Note for younger guys: I asked one of the guys about lack of being approached. Apparently if you're not a more mature patron, the garotos working boys assume you might be the new kid on the block and thus not approach you or assume that you are more difficult of a sale than an older guy.

Au contraire mon frere, I think young guys are the best clients, because we wanna get down to business and get going, not lounge around and take up the working boy's time! Oh well Admittedly, I do feel a bit "cheated" that I wasn't caressed and cooed like the elderly or even not so elderly but a bit Maybe they were regulars. I couldn't help but hire two. Tall, muscular, masculine, hetrosexual guys.

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Neither was particularly passionate. The first one was all business and a huge jerk when I got cold feet initially , the second was slightly more affectionate, but after he was really touchy feely and kissy with some of the previous mentioned clientele: I think my mistake was I didn't ho and hum like a lot of guys, in which case if the guy thinks you might be interested, he'll try making all the moves so you hire him.

Room was free for 30 minutes Tuesday only.

I appreciated the well light areas because I want to see what I'm getting! Overall a fun first time experience.

VICE - Оригинальные репортажи и документальные фильмы о всём важном в мире.

Useful tips: Credit card accepted to pay your sauna bill not the escorts Taxis in front or close by Metro station Gloria close by as well along with police officers: Don't try to get a freebie, it isn't going to work, even with the gay ones but they will really try to get you to hire them Layout: Good place to see the merchandise.

Further there's a bar disco area and continuing on is a smoking patio where a lot of them hang out. Upper level: Simply heaven November Place is well lit and I like that. You see what you buy! A safe location, a feast for the eyes. Half of the boys are muscled bombs. I don't think they perform well ;- But the other half and that's still sometimes over 30 garotos will cause big difficulties to choose from.