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Maybe he is from an African nation and from a very closeted culture. Everyone once and a while a foreign student or visiting professor will get caught cruising the restrooms. He could have intense social anxiety about his sexual identity; even in the US there's still many people who don't know how to express themselves sexually - especially those with mental health issues. It's a tricky situation because people want to be comfortable in the restroom obviously, but calling the police on this guy could be disastrous.

Talk to the guy and tell him he is acting in a manner that is making people feel uncomfortable. I've had to tell people with mental health issues not to publicly masturbate or not to leer or not to do whatever. And really most of the time people will kind of understand; its rare to have someone get angry.

How the iPhone app has changed sex and dating in the gay community.

Just be firm This type of thing is why there needs to be legalized sex therapy for people with mental health issues. Even people who have problems fitting into society need to bust a nut. Yeah, either OP and creeper are cycling, or he was cruising.

I was in Dwinelle's basement bathroom once and had a guy slip his foot under the stall door and start tapping it in my stall space. No doubt in my mind he was cruising. He's cruising. I wouldn't necessarily cruising is obsolete, but it's changed. I just wanted to show that cruising has become an Internet-driven culture, so we're essentially in agreement. Ya, a lot of gay sex happens in the bathrooms on campus.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Tall attractive fit gwm. I run and swim. Looking to meet smooth guys for running, swimming or fun. Happily partnered but permanently friendly gymnast and yoga practicer. I used to play soccer as well but that's kind of fallen away.

Also love active outdoorsy things like hiking, bouldering, swimming at the Yuba, frisbee on the beach, bike riding around the City. I'm fun. I can do the splits. Physical fitness is very attractive to me. Fitness, not muscle mass.

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A smart, stable, and kind mind is important. Also love nice legs, calves, and. I am a Chico state student studying engineering. I like to knit and watch ABC comedies. I am also a coxswain on the crew team. I am recently discovering I am gay. I am looking for a nice guy who accepts me for who I am. I am also looking for athletic, slim or it guys. Must be between 18 and Recently retired.

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Looking for buddies in the Berkeley area. Workout times per week. I'm easy going, fun, adventurous and a good and loyal friend. My age or younger in the Berkeley area. Older gay guy full of energy. I admire men who wear boots and jeans.

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I am a caring person who likes to be honest. My goal in life is being useful to others. I like taking on challenges and maneuvering to reach success. I have taken up a new hobby of being a videographer. Would like to find someone who admires boots and jeans. Don't like to dwell on problems. Have good ideas for the future.

Part II: Inside the Gay Bathhouse!

Would like to find someone I could trust. I generally keep my sexual interests private. I'm always interested in helping others achiev I'm a Berkeley grad and just moved back to Seattle after 8 years of living in the Bay Area, so I'm looking for friends in the area, or more depending on the situation. I'm an honest, chill dude with a great sense of humor, and I know how to have fun. I'm a serious long distance runner, so I run at Honestly, I'm pretty picky and looks are important to me.

I'm mostly interested in guys in their 20s and 30s who consider themselves good looking. The traits I find most attractive are confidence and masculinity, but drive and ambition are also important, as well as a sense of humor. That being sai For me it's not all about looks. Brand spanking new to Oakland! Heart and Dagger Lake Park Ave. Particularly for the black-leather-clad-set, but open enough to encourage equal-opportunity macking. Hollywood Adult Superstore Telegraph Ave. Yes, you can still get porn from your local sex store. La Clinica de La Raza E. This clinic offers a wide range of health services with special attentiveness to diverse backgrounds.

There's a reason East Bay Express readers keep voting it one of the East Bay's best pickup spots year after year. Oakland Public Library main branch 14th St.

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Hey, at least this way you know they can read! Remedy Telegraph Ave. Secrets Telegraph Ave.