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This is still the name of a district in S. These, according to Tamil tradition, as stated by Bp. See Caldwell , pp. The name of Madura , probably as adopted from the holier northern Muttra, seems to have been a favourite among the Eastern settlements under Hindu influence.

Ibi regnabat Pandion, longe ab emporio mediterraneo distante oppido quod vocatur Modura. I stayed 15 days after his departure, and then started for his residence, which was at Mutra, a great city with wide streets I found there a pest raging of which people died in brief space A fungoidal disease of the foot, apparently incurable except by amputation, which occurs in the Madura district, and especially in places where the 'Black soil' prevails.

Medical authorities have not yet decided on the causes or precise nature of the disease. See Nelson, Madura , Pt. Africa, now subject to Zanzibar. It has been shown by one of the present writers that Marco Polo, in his chapter on Madagascar, has made some confusion between Magadoxo and that island, mixing up particulars relating to both.

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It is possible that the name of Madagascar was really given from Makdashau, as Sir R. Also see Mr. Gray's note on Pyrard , Hak.

Burnell on Linschoten , Hak. The inhabitants possess a great number of camels, and of these they slaughter for food several hundreds every day. And when we were come well abreast of it, we discharged many bombards at it , and kept on our way along the coast with a fine wind on the poop. But the pilots objected saying that they would miss the season for crossing to India, as it was already the 26th of August The most of them are Moors such as inhabit the city of Zofalla Brava and Quiloa , and Mombazza; which are all walled cities on the main land, with houses and streets like our own; except Mazambich.

And the King of the country, hearing that there had come a son of the Count Admiral, of whom all had ample knowledge as being the first to discover and navigate on that coast, came to the shore to see him, and made great offers of all that he could require. This word is, of course, not Anglo-Indian, but may find a place here because of its origin from Ar.

In Southern and Western India the vernacular word has various other applications which are given in Wilson. He shows me a long stamp paper, and must have my land—must he? If I were twenty years younger, he should get six feet by three. Lyall, The Old Pindaree.

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It is not now of any importance. MAHI, n. The name of a considerable river flowing into the upper part [ b ] of the Gulf of Cambay. Gazetteer , s. The driver and tender of an elephant. The Skt. The Mahout is mentioned in the 1st Book of Maccabees as 'the Indian.

There are five and a half servants to each, viz. A Met'h fetches fodder, and assists in caparisoning the elephant Blochmann , i. The name of a famous Hindu race, from the old Skt. Acworth Ballads of the Marathas , Intro. Again some authorities Wilson, Indian Caste , ii.

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And see the discussion in the Bombay Gazetteer , I. There is also the Kingdom of Maratha which is very great. David , Jan. Record in India Office. Ah, for some retreat Deep in yonder shining Orient, where my life began to beat; Where in wild Mahratta battle fell my father evil starr'd. The following is in the true Hobson-Jobson manner:. An excavation made in , as described in the extract from Orme, on the landward sides of Calcutta, to protect the settlement from the Mahratta bands. The line of the Ditch corresponded nearly with the outside of the existing Circular Road, except at the S.

Murray, Handbook , , p. In six months three miles were finished: In Memoirs of the Revolution in Bengal , , p. The name is applied to perhaps more than one of the larger species of Barbus N. Cyprinidae , but especially to B. Mosul of Buchanan, B. Tor , Day, B. It grows at its largest, to about the size of the biggest salmon, and more. It affords also the highest sport to Indian anglers; and from these circumstances has sometimes been called, misleadingly, the 'Indian salmon. It may be Skt. Buchanan Hamilton, Fishes of the Ganges , The original cap.

This word, a corruption of the Portuguese mestre , has spread into the vernaculars all over India, and is in constant Anglo-Indian use. The proper use of the word, as noted above, corresponds precisely to the definition of the Portuguese word, as applied to artizans in Bluteau: Peritus artifex Opifex, alienorum operum inspector. India maistry, as used in the household, generally means the cook, or the tailor.

Markham , p. Vasco da Gama sent to seize in the river of the Culymutys four newly-built caturs , and fetched them to Cochin. These were built [ a ] very light for fast rowing, and were greatly admired. But he ordered them to be burned, saying that he intended to show the Moors that we knew how to build better caturs than they did; and he sent for Mestre Vyne the Genoese, whom he had brought to build galleys, and asked him if he could build boats that would row faster than the Malabar paraos see PROW. He answered: Botelho, Tombo , I have not yet been able to remedy the mischief done in my absence, as we have the advantage here of the assistance of some Madras dubashes and maistries " ironical.

My mind goes back to my ancient Goanese cook. Nights , iii.