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It was Connecticut in the winter.

Brian Curtis - Bright Days (Official Video)

The road was slick. Ben lost control of his vehicle, hit a bridge pillar, smashed through a fence and rolled down an embankment.

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He landed upside down in a river. Just for the record, there was no alcohol involved.

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The woman on the road behind Ben called First responders from the City of Hamden rushed to the scene, but it was half an hour before they were able to pull Ben out of the frigid water. Half an hour. He appeared lifeless.

Slowly, very slowly, they warmed his body. Ben woke up. Doctors later told him that it was the icy water that saved him, preserving his organs and brain.

As we stood by the track watching Olympians rocket by, Ben asked if I would take a few pictures of him. Of course. He opened his jacket to reveal a shirt from the Hamden Fire Department. It was 1: He told me he normally pops the cork on a bottle of champagne, but on this day his first visit to a bobsled track would suffice.

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Ben told me he shares his story with anyone who will listen to honor those who saved him, as well as first responders everywhere. And he wants us all to understand how precious and fleeting life can be. Brian Atra. Atra, Please get in contact with me if you get this. I would like to talk with you.

Only Dr. Atra please. Dr Brian Atra: Hello Dr.

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